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How to whisk egg whites ?(2)--how to ?

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Whisking egg white means that only the egg protein is used as a raw material, which is generally used in our most common and highest failure rate chiffon cake.The egg white whisking have two status, one is a wet foaming state, and the other is a dry foaming state.

So how do you distinguish between these two states?

Very simple! When we lift the planetary mixer, please pay attention to it. If the egg whites' appears slightly curved, it is wet foaming state;If the egg white shows tip short and straight, this is the state of dry foaming.

planetary mixer egg white whisking-wet and dry

Advise novice friends, must make a dry foam stage when making a chiffon cake, the key to success is here.

I always felt that I had already whisking finished, but it was still far away! so I failed.

So everyone must be patient when you whisk egg white ! Persistence is victory!In addition, the planetary mixer should be often observed during the process of beating, so as not to over whisking.

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