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How to whisk egg whites ?(3)--egg white whisking tool

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When beaten the egg whites, the speed of the electric egg mixer does not need to be adjusted too fast. Generally, it only uses 1 speed to play, so it is convenient to observe at any time to avoid over whisking~

Egg white is relatively easy for a material to be whisk, but it must be under the premise of using an electric egg planetary mixer. Manual eggbeaters are not impossible, because it's really tired...

Mixing bowl is best to choose a stainless steel material with a relatively high wall (mysun's planetary mixer comes with a super good stainless steel deep mixing bowl!). First is preventing excessive egg white spillage, the second is durable and easy to clean.Finally, regarding the temperature of the whisking, mysun doesn't think it has much to do with it. It can be cold and warm. It’s just that the cold may take longer to take.

After get to dry foaming status, don't continue to whipped. If you beat it too much, the egg white will start to form a block, which will cause the failure of the chiffon production.



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