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Mid-Autumn Festival moon-cakes can guarantee quality and ensure health? Let's go see

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When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, all kinds of moon cakes are placed in a very conspicuous position, and the fragrance is overflowing, making people want to stop. Although the pattern, packaging and taste of moon cakes attract attention, it evokes people's desire to buy, but food quality and safety are more concerned.



Near the Mid-Autumn Festival, whether it is a moon cake production and processing enterprise, a small workshop, or a business unit engaged in the wholesale and sales of moon cakes, the catering units that make and commission moon cakes must be strictly supervised by relevant departments to ensure that the people eat safe and reliable moon cakes. .


Production Line Series

Recently, following the "steps" of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the author came to a moon cake processing workshop to witness how the food machinery equipment can be good quality and safety. I saw the moon cake automatic production line mixing dough, knead dough,Stirring moon-cake filling,Stuffing moon-cake filling,Press to molding,Wobble plate,baking,cooling,demoulding, baking pan cleaning, packaging, testing, etc. working efficient, fast, safe and hygienic in an orderly manner . The staff around me said that in the past, many moon cakes were hand-made. Now, mass production and large-scale production are machined and complete modern production lines, which effectively ensure the uniformity of appearance, size, weight and taste of each moon cake.

Compared with traditional hand-made, nowadays, moon cake production basically realizes mechanization and automation. Mechanized production can not only improve production efficiency, save labor cost, but also ensure the quality and safety of moon cakes. In addition, during the festive season, relevant departments will increase special supervision and inspection. It will ensure the safety of people's "moon cake on the tip of the tongue"!

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