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Mysun Professional rotary oven advantage

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Mysun Professional rotary oven advantage:

1) Automatic exhaust system. when workers open the door , the hot air goes up, it avoiding burns to workers. Its safe.

  2) There is a constant pressure system in the oven. When the pressure inside is too large, it will be automatically exhausted to keep the pressure constant.

  3) When the door is opened, the trolley will stop facing workers.Its easy to pull it out.

  4) There are 3 air outlets on the side inside of the rotary oven, the firepower is even and fast. It can bake perfect breads.

  5) The material of the combustion chamber liner is 310s, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion, protection of the burner and prolonged service life; other manufacturers' materials are 309

  6) The material inside the rotary oven is aluminum plated.The heat reflectivity is 95%, the efficiency is high, and the heat loss is small; when the inner material is stainless steel, the heat reflectivity is lower than 60%.

  7) Sealing : It fixed on the door frame instead of the door.It is convenient to change it after some years later.It dont need to remove the door; if it is on the door,its hard to change it when the door has slight deformation.


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