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Oil-free healthy fries made by the baking oven

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French fries made in the oven(better use a convection oven) can be made very delicious as long as the baking temperature and time are mastered. It's simple, less oil, children's shoes that like to eat French fries must not miss it~

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries 

Baked french fries


Ingredients: 1 potato (about 300 grams after peeling), 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (15ml, about 13.5g), 2g salt


1.Cut the peeled potatoes into potato chips with a thickness of about 0.8 cm.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries2 

2.Cut the potato chips into potato strips.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries3

3.Rinse the potato strips twice with water and wash off the starch on the surface.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries4 

4.Drain the potato strips and dry the surface with a kitchen towel.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries5 

5.Put the drained potato strips into a large bowl, add salt and vegetable oil.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries6 

6.After the plastic wrap on the bowl cover, shake it vigorously several times to make the potato strips evenly stick to the vegetable oil and salt.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries7 

7. Place the potato strips evenly on the grill. In order to make the baking better, try not to place each strips too close.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries8 

8. Put in a preheated convection oven at 170°C, middle and lower layer, use the hot whirlwind mode, bake for 25-30 minutes (depending on the color of the French fries), After the surface is evenly colored, it can be taken out.

bakery oven Oil-free healthy fries1

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