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Ordinary Edition Deck Oven

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Often the core of any artisan bread baking, the Ordinary Edition Deck Oven is a key part of the baking equipment sought to obtain beautiful, crusty bread.

For bread baking as a heavy duty spiral mixer, the use of a quality deck oven is necessary. Although these ovens tend to occupy more real estate in the bakery, they need a skilled baker to operate; the deck oven can produce hot bread around the clock, which will make the baker very satisfied with the results.

The obvious difference between a deck oven and a convection oven is the way heat is transferred to the baked product. Deck ovens use conductive heat to bake products. Conductive heating is a process in which heat is transferred directly from hot stones or decks to baked bread or pans. The deck oven also utilizes radiant heat, a process that uses infrared heat waves to penetrate the dough and heat the entire dough.

The ability to add steam using these types of ovens is also key in the bread baking process, and because of the large quality of the deck ovens, they have a very long recovery time and keep the temperature very good.

An important feature of the Ordinary Edition Deck Oven is whether it is operated by gas or electricity. These two types can be very different. The first notable difference is the cost of utilities. Depending on your area and facility type, electricity may be cheaper than gas, and gas may be cheaper than electricity.

In addition, with a gas deck oven, even if it has multiple decks, you can usually limit the entire uniform temperature to a set temperature range. This can be a limitation if you have a variety of products that can be baked at different temperatures. At the same time, with the electric deck oven, you can manually set different temperatures for each deck; this allows for more control and the ability to bake a variety of baked goods at the same time.

In addition, when building a gas deck oven, local building codes often require a hood or vent for use with the oven. However, electric deck ovens are generally not subject to this regulation.

Deck ovens are usually the baker's best friend if used properly.

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