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Planetary mixer definition

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A planetary mixer is a type of agitator defined by the agitator track with a stirrer attachment around the mixing bowl. The main difference between a planetary mixer and a standard mixer is that the rotating blades of the planetary mixer are carried around the bowl in a circular/elliptical pattern.

In the standard mixer, the blade just rotates, although the bowl can be rotated. Planetary mixers are versatile, but don't mix them in large quantities. In home kitchens, they are usually higher end products.

The advantages of a planetary mixer include:

     A variety of hybrid accessories are available for great versatility.
     Planetary mixers can mix, aerate and agitate many types of mixtures, solids, powders and liquids.

The limitations of planetary mixers include:

     Planetary mixers have a small operating range. The size of their bowls and the size of the blender determine their optimum size.
     In a commercial environment, planetary mixers do not mix dough or move as fast as a screw mixer (usually 1/2 to 1/4 slower)

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