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Practice of Honey sauce grilled chicken wings

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8 chicken wings, a large spoon of barbecue sauce, a spoonful of cooking wine, a large spoonful of soy sauce, a large spoon of oil consumption

One spoonful of oil, one teaspoon of salt, the right amount of honey, the amount of lime juice

Ginger amount, garlic amount




1. Making some little hole on chicken wings with fork.

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2. Put all the marinade except honey into the bowl and mix evenly with your hands.

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3. Cover with plastic wrap for more than half an hour. If you want more flavor, you can prolong the curing time.

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4. Put the marinated chicken wings on a baking pans.

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5. Put in a preheated hot air convection oven,190 degrees.(if you don't have hot air convection oven,please put it in the middle of the ordinary baking oven, set the up and bottom fire to 190 degrees.) bake for 20 minutes.

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6. After 10 minutes bake, then remove the tray and flip the chicken wing and brush the marinade once, so that it is not too dry.

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7. Take out the baking tray at the end of the last 2 minutes and brush the honey on the chicken wings, then put it back in the oven for baking. When the time is up, the chicken wings will be fine.

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Looked at the meat is very tender, just baked well!

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