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Professional Planetary Mixer

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Mysun offers a wide range of Professional Planetary Mixer to help customers cook everything from butter to pastry dough and mousse in an efficient and simple way. All top quality machines come with unique scrapers and extra tools, including blenders, paddles and flat hooks. Standard speed changes include 10 speeds for different purposes, such as kneading, mixing, emulsifying, and the like.

The durable metal body and chrome base ensure the complete stability of the professional planetary mixer. Thanks to a variety of extra and basic accessories, the unit is suitable for cutting vegetables, grinds, cheddar cheese and other cooking items. Enjoy the best quality and performance from Mysun and order a planetary mixer to meet your cooking needs.

The high-quality planetary mixer is extremely versatile in the preparation of a variety of breads, doughs, mousses and creams. Once you have attached the extra accessories directly to the hub bowl, the machine is perfect even if you are preparing a fairly complex recipe.

    Improve ergonomics;
    Round edge, simple and quick cleaning operation;
    Ensure operator safety;
    The safety screen is easy to disassemble and activates the lowering and raising of the bowl;
    The mixer will only start when the safety door is lowered completely;
    When the guard is raised, the motor automatically stops;
    No voltage release system with speed selection button to restart the machine;
    Fully protect the motor from overheating and surges;
    Different finishes are available;
    Additional tools, including paddles, flat hooks, and enhanced blenders;
    Rugged and long lasting;
    Able to meet the needs of all busy kitchens;
    Durable stainless steel bowl with handles;
    The sturdy metal base guarantees perfect stability even when mixing hard pastes and dough.
    For more complete machines, accessories such as vegetable cutters and meat grinders can be used;
    A great choice for sliced discs allows the user to cook the finest recipes.

The Professional Planetary Mixer is equipped with a screw hook and is ideal for kneading, mixing and emulsifying.

    A sturdy aluminum column protects the transmission and motor from all external factors;
    Powerful asynchronous motors with special frequency converters ensure precise adjustment of the speed of the planetary mechanism;
    The 1-piece alloy head consists of a transmission and planetary gears;
    All tools rotate at different speeds;
    Equipped with tools such as screw kneading hooks, agitators and blades;
    The transparent safety screen kit is easy to remove for precise cleaning;
    Different kneading and mixing capabilities;
    Models with mechanical speed changes are equipped with 2-speed motors;
    Choose 8 different levels for each speed;
    Durable stainless steel column with touch button control panel.

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