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Question answers about baking!

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They may meet a lot of problems for novice bakers. We have summed up the questions of many friends. Now I will answer some questions about baking that some customers have asked. Do you have any problems with this? If you have any other questions, you are welcome to leave a message to MYSUN!

1. What is the direct method of bread, the medium method? What is the difference?

A: Direct method, also known as primary fermentation method, refers to the operation method of a fermentation process in the bread production process. The middle seed method, also called the Secondary fermentation, refers to the method of the secondary fermentation stage in the production process. After the fermentation stage of the bread, the dough can form a better network structure and produce a unique bread fermentation flavor. The secondary fermentation method has a longer period of fermentation and the dough has more mature effects and characteristics.

2, due to the cold weather in winter, can you put the toast bag into the oven at 28 ° C to wake up?

A: It should be placed in a proofing cabinet with a humidity of 75-85% at 28 °C. It should not be placed in the oven because the oven does not have the proper humidity.

3. Why is the salt and cream added to in the final period?

A: Because the simultaneously addition of Dry yeast,salt and cream will directly inhibit the growth of yeast, and the final addition of salt can shorten the mixing time and reduce energy loss.

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