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Rotary Convection Oven 

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A Rotary Convection Oven is an oven that uses hot air circulation to heat food. The convection oven uses a fan to dissipate heat. Traditional ovens have no fans, they don't circulate, they just heat up. If you are buying a new oven on the market and you are not sure if you should use a Rotary Convection Oven or a traditional model, consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying a convection oven. The more you know, the easier it is to make an informed decision.

Baking equipment is suitable for baking bread, toast bread, moon cakes and biscuits. Also suitable for drying and roasting chicken, duck, sausage and pork.

Features of the rotating convection oven:

1. Simple operation and high work efficiency;

2. Baking capacity: 16-32 trays;

3. The Olympia burner imported from Japan makes the baking equipment energy efficient;

4. Closed circuit, safety alarm system and explosion-proof device help to ensure high safety of equipment operation;

5. All electronic components are imported from Germany and Japan, and the baking oven is durable;

6. Electric rotary convection oven, gas rotary convection oven and diesel rotary convection oven are available.

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