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Rotary convection oven safety instructions

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A.Check the operator safety.

 Pull up long sleeves.

Tie up the long hair into the protection suit.

Remove the jewelry and accessories.

Change the loose clothing.

B.  Prepare the ovenlocation.

 Put oven glove next to oven in dry place.

To settle the timer.

Put the equipment next to the oven for testing doneness.

Locate heat-resistant surface to put baking trays on when finish baking.

C.  Stove safety examination.

 Be sure stove dials are switched off.

Be sure turn off the burners are no heat residue.

Check stove surroundings to make sure nothing is inflammable.

D. Oven security checks.

Be sure to turn off the oven dial.

Be sure the oven was cooling.

Check to be sure that nothing remained inside the oven.

Check to be sure the oven racks are located in good place for the food being baked.

E.  Prepare to bake.

Switch on the oven and adjust to target temperature.

Preheat for 10-15 minutes.

F.  Bake.

Place the baking materials in a handy place near the oven.

Put on oven glove.

To find the oven door and open it.

Find the oven trolley and pull it out a little.

Put the items what will be baked on the oven trolley and push the trolley into the oven.

Close the oven door.

Setting the baking time needed.

Don’t leave the kitchen when using the oven.

G. Remove From Oven

bakery machineWhen the baking time is up,turn off the oven.

Put on oven glove and stand in the location where you put the items.

To open the oven door.

Pull out the oven trolley.

Remove the items from the oven and put it on a heat-resistant surface.

Close the oven door.

Check if the food are ready.

If the food is not done, estimate how much time it will cost and turn on the oven.

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