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Seeing this color has been tempted----The practice of cheese chicken wings

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Chicken is a meat that many people eats and tastes deliciously. We often eat fried chicken legs, fried chicken chops,, we use chicken wings to make a delicious dish which using bakery oven--cheese chicken wings.

 convection oven baked chicken

I've been tempted when see this color!


12 chicken wings, moderate bread crumbs, cream cheese 50g, 2 eggs, New Orleans barbecue seasoning



1. After washing the chicken wings, use a needle to punch holes or use a knife to cut open.

 convection oven baking chicken 1

2, Then put in New Orleans barbecue seasoning to pickled.

convection oven baking chicken2

3,Marinate in a fresh-keeping bag for more than 2 hours (pre-marinated)

convection oven baking chicken3 

4, Cream cheese hot water melting.

convection oven baking chicken4 

5, Then add the eggs and mix evenly.

convection oven baking chicken5

6. Roll the marinated chicken wings in the cheese.

convection oven baking chicken6 

7, Wrap a layer of bread crumbs.

convection oven baking chicken7 

8,Do all the chicken wings in the above way,placed in a baking tray with Oil blotting paper.

convection oven baking chicken8

9,put it in a preheated convection oven, bake for 20~25 minutes,If you don't have convection oven, the normal baking oven is okay, fire up and down 200 degrees, bake for 20~25 minutes or so.

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