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Semi-auto Dough Pressing Machine

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Semi-auto Dough Pressing Machine make dough and fat into chunks that can be rolled up at any time, reducing processing time.

Semi-auto Dough Pressing Machine uses flour, water, salt, etc. as raw materials to make round or rectangular crusts. The size can be customized according to different sizes of molds.

Many of the rollers eventually work together to obtain a molded dough package. The final size and thickness are uniform.

Put the smashed dough into the hopper, press and roll through three rolls, the wrapping paper comes out with the conveyor, the flour is sprayed on the wrapping paper automatically, and the final wrapping paper is cut into round or rectangular wrapping paper by the mold. The remaining material is transferred to the previous feed hopper.

• Various mesh shapes are available for different sizes of pressed products

• Semi-automatic dough or butter

• Industrial strength machine

• Simple control

Hydraulic press with a double-acting cylinder for pressing and cutting. All functions are carried out using the joystick, which allows for very simple and quick pressing, pressing and cutting as well as tool cleaning.

Semi-auto Dough Pressing Machines can not only produce tortillas, but also other cakes and barbecues, which are suitable for organs, restaurants, restaurants, etc.

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