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Something important about China rotary convection oven installation

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First, handling of equipment:

     1. hot air rotary oven in bulk can be divided into three boxes, a wooden box and insulation cotton.When handling of oven,the box should be first broken.The front door heavier and more easy broken, should pay attention to protection during handling. When using forklift,you Should be much careful to prevent deformation of parts.

    2. handling overall the rotary oven,Please put 5mm thick iron plate inside of the oven and let oven up, make the oven in the behind of the truck for easy handling and long distance transport. (Note: the latter part of the oven is much heavier) 

Note: When you put 5mm plate inside of the oven, the crowbar should be pry 5mm thick iron plate position, or will make the oven deformation.

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Second,for places requirement:

1. Equipment should be installed in a better ventilation and lighting environment, you should pre-set the exhaust port position.

2. Equipment from the wall shall not be less than 0.5 meters, easy to maintain and install. When the rotary oven with a sprinkler should be considered water and drainage.

3. Before installation, please check the height of the space and the ground level.The minimum space height will not less than 2.8 meters, and the roof not be used flammable material decoration.Equipment installation depth need not less than 4.2 meters.

4. Equipment installation Should by the professional people or under the guide of them, to install the rotary on the ground of non-combustible materials .Our company provide a floor, first laying the floor, and then install the rear box assembly, from the behind to the front, From bottom to top, from the inside to the outside, and gradually to make reliable connection, and finally install electrical lines of the exhaust pipe.

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