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Spiral Dough Mixer Manufacturers explain WHAT IS A SPIRAL MIXER?

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A dough mixer is an industrial device designed to prepare food, chemicals, ceramic dough or other types of products. It replaces manual labor by mechanical systems that allow continuous production of large amounts of dough. Spiral Dough Mixeconsist of the following:

· Baby placed in the ingredients

· Mixing elements (screw hooks, forks, arms or other systems)

· Two independent motor start/trigger bowls and screw hook movement

· Connect technical procedures that allow the operator to control the mixing process and other labor (measurement components, programming time and speed)


Although the Spiral Dough Mixer is ready to produce a wide variety of dough and pasta, it is mainly used in the production of baking and pastry dough, such as bread dough, pastries, pastries, etc., to provide the right food processing to ensure high-yield performance.

The scope of the Spiral Dough Mixer includes a range of expansion equipment for small and large production baking equipment as well as other food units (catering, hotels and similar industries), ceramics industry, chemical laboratories, etc. The equipment is available in standard, stainless steel and marine versions. The main differences are based on: building structure, raw materials and aesthetic features.

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