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The difference between Chiffon cake,Sponge Cake and Angel cake(1)-[Historical origin comparison]

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The three most common basic cake for baking are now complete here. Although their respective characteristics have already been mentioned in the recipes, I would like to write an article like this, and give a general introduction to their respective differences. First is about their history. 

Sponge cake

sponge cake 

The oldest of these three categories should be considered a sponge cake. It is said that it originated in Spain in the 15th century. Later, it was slowly introduced into Europe, and now has the English name "Plain Cake". For a long time, sponge cakes have been one of popular cake as the most popular cake variety.


Angel cake

angle cake

According to legend, in the United States in the 19th century, Americans who love tossing always like to innovate, so a variety of new cakes were born in that era, and the most famous one is Angel cake, because of its whiteness of the texture and lightness of the taste have been a very popular cake variety until now. 


Chiffon cake

chiffon cake

Since the advent of the cake for hundreds of years, people have been improving its taste, but there has been no qualitative change. Until 1927, an American, he revolutionary make the whole-egg whisking sponge cake process changed to the egg white yolks beaten separately process, and a brand new cake came out. Since its introduction, this cake has swept the world, almost Meet all the picky tongues. Until now, people love and are the most commonly used cake embryos, still it is - Chiffon cake.

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