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The dough mixers secret

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The dough mixer is also called a dough blender, which is suitable for pasta processing, pastry shop, bread food industry and so on. The main purpose is to uniformly mix and stir the flour and water to make it into a dough. The dough mixer is a pasta machine that is capable of mixing and pressing variety of crisp, tough dough. It not only solves the labor required for manual and reduces labor intensity, saves time and improves efficiency.

The surface cylinder, hook and center rod of mysun's dough mixer are made of high quality stainless steel, and the inner wall of the surface cylinder is smooth and complete, in line with the current food hygiene standards. Moreover, there is a protective net cover on the upper part of the dough mixer cylinder, and no running leaking occurs during the stirring process. After the rule, the surface of the dough is loose, the inside is even, and the gluten value is high. The skin is highly transparent and flexible. It is important to know that the dough has an effect on the taste, shape and texture of the bread. So this is also a question that everyone needs to pay attention to when choosing a dough mixer.

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