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The problems that have bothered you in baking - About biscuits (1)

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Some of the problems that are often encountered in baking, some of which we have solved through our own efforts, and some may still be confusing us. Today's problems are some of the basic problems in the production of cookies. After you have seen them, many questions about making cookies can be solved.

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1. Do I have to bake cookies in strict accordance with the temperature and time in the recipe?


Different types of biscuits have different baking temperature and time requirements, so the temperature and time given in the recipe are different.

Due to the difference in temperature of the different ovens, the temperature and time provided in the book cannot be fully copied. It is recommended to check the biscuits every few minutes, and then a few minutes before the oven is best kept in front of the oven to observe the changes of the biscuits at any time. If the surface of the biscuit is golden brown and the biscuit is removed from the baking tray, the bottom of the biscuit is also golden yellow to indicate that the biscuit is baked.

2. Why is the surface of my baked cookies very dark and the bottom color is very light?

In this case, it is generally because the temperature difference between the upper and lower fires of the oven is too large. If your oven can be independently temperature controlled up and down, and if the surface is too fast, turn the temperature of the up-fire down a bit; if the surface is painted at a normal speed and the bottom is too slow, turn the bottom fire up.

If your oven can't be independently temperature controlled, put the baking tray down one layer, or after the surface is colored, turn off the up-fire and bake until the bottom of the biscuit is colored.

Conversely, if the bottom of the baked biscuit is darkly colored and the surface is very light, treat it in the opposite way.

When baking cookies, we may encounter various situations. As long as we master the flaws and flexibly adjust the baking method, we can bake out successful biscuits!

If you use convection oven will not meet this problem. It is Baking with hot air circulation which have uniform color and uniform baking mature rate.

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