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The problems that have bothered you in baking - About biscuits (2)

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1. If you reduce the sugar in the biscuit formula, how much impact will it have on the finished product? 

Under normal circumstances, if you think that the original formula is too sweet, you can reduce the sugar in the formula, reduce it by about 30%, and it will not have too obvious impact on the finished product. However, we must also understand that sugar in biscuits, in addition to the role of sweeteners, also affects the color and texture of the biscuits.

At the same time, sugar as an excellent natural preservative, the higher the sugar content of the biscuit, the longer the shelf life, the less likely to deteriorate. In fact, not only sugar, but also the increase or decrease of any kind of ingredients will have more or less influence on the shape of the finished product, but sometimes it will be a trade-off for personal reasons.


2, must use the oiled paper or tarpaulin when baking cookies?

Some baking trays have a non-stick coating and can be used without oil or tarpaulin. Most other baking trays do not have a non-stick coating. In order to ensure that the biscuits do not stick to the baking tray after baking, oil paper or tarpaulin should be applied.

When making crispy biscuits, in order to facilitate the removal of the baked biscuits, it is to use a non-stick baking tray. It is also recommended to apply tarpaulin or oil paper.


3. If the biscuits' size different in one baking tray have any influences?

Definitely have influence. Try to make the biscuits in same size and thickness at one baking tray, so as to ensure that the biscuits are baked evenly, otherwise some of them will be baked, and some will not be cooked.

In addition to size and thickness, the spacing of the biscuits in the baking tray should be as uniform as possible.

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