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The process of gluten formation

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Today I continue to bring you a bread-making tutorial. In the past, there was an introduction to the ultra-detailed manual kneading process. In fact, the ultimate goal of kneading is to make gluten formed. What is gluten and what is the effect of gluten formation on bread? Today, the webmaster came to explain for you!

dough mixer-making film stage

In essence, gluten is formed by the agitation of protein in flour.The state of filming that we often say is the sign to determine whether gluten is formed! The dough after a series of kneading beating and so on,the protein in the flour will come together,thereby forming a tight and flexible mesh structure, this is gluten!

If you make bread at home, it's already time consuming and laborious to pull out the gluten by hand. If you are a bakery, then a high-performance dough mixer is essential. The machine replaces the manual, making it easier to produce out gluten, saving time and effort and greatly increasing the formation rate of gluten.


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