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The role of gluten

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In the last article we mainly described how gluten is formed. Do you know what the functions of gluten in bread?


As the kneading time slowly increases, the strength and toughness of the gluten will become stronger and stronger! When the kneading reaches the top stage, the gluten has formed a stable structure, so at this time ,when we break the dough film,the edge of the hole will form a particularly smooth and regular circle due to dough's toughness and tension.

At this point, we generally carry out the second fermentation of the dough. During the fermentation process, the yeast will react with water to form carbon dioxide gas, and the gas will be wrapped by the tight gluten tissue, so that the inside of the dough will form many independent very Small bubbles, the volume will also expand, so-called "fermentation twice as large" is thus formed.

The fermented dough which after venting and shaping, then baked in the oven. Under the action of high temperature, the protein in the gluten will become hard, which constitutes the skeleton structure inside the bread and supports the whole bread! Therefore, the role of the gluten is to wrap the air bubbles in the dough, so that the bread expands and forms a stable and soft internal structure after baking, thereby forming a perfect internal structure of the bread.



Now do you know the important role of gluten in bread? It can be said that gluten is crucial! The gluten is good or bad, which determines the taste of the bread.Knowing the role of gluten, how important it is to have a good dough mixer is self-evident.

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