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Third Wheel Filling Molding Multifunctional Production Line

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A personalized, high-capacity system for filling pastries, including croissants, donuts or puffs. We have developed high-precision and precision volumetric cylinder injectors that can be configured to be integrated into existing production lines or form the basis for a complete line that spans the dough for bulking, baking, filling and decorating.

Third Wheel Filling Molding Multifunctional Production Line can produce moon cake, pumpkin cake, mochi, cake, crystal fruit and other products, including double twisted dragon transport, vane pump, pressurized screw feeding, shear forming, stable and reliable products.

Third Wheel Filling Molding Multifunctional Production Line integrates a variety of versatility, can make a variety of cakes, mung bean cake, paste, paste, a variety of bread, bread of all flavors, etc., even face, more into the mouth to the drum structure On the surface, there is a dust removal device, and the high moisture surface is difficult to mechanize production. According to different filling methods, the customer can choose vertical or horizontal filling machine. The bottom of Third Wheel Filling Molding Multifunctional Production Line is equipped with socket hopper, which is more suitable for the hygiene requirements of the food industry. It adopts imported material cutting knife and Taiwan gear motor, which is more perfect to reflect the function. The machine has a speed of up to 150 / Min.

The DPCI injector is constructed on a C-shaped frame mounted on wheels and can be seamlessly integrated into the production line for the production of pastry products. The DPCI machine features a vertically movable injection head and a separate volumetric cylinder that can be equipped with multiple rows of needles for added capacity and brushless motorization for high precision.

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