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Top Rated Microwave Wall Oven Combination Exporter

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Top Rated Microwave Wall Oven Combination surpasses your expectations for this type of equipment.

It's more than just a microwave oven, it's a combination oven that can be used for many different purposes and has excellent results.

The integrated microwave oven saves up to 50% of the time; fast warm-up: as soon as possible to achieve the desired baking temperature.

Top Rated Microwave Wall Oven Combination provides you with a convenient high-power microwave oven, oven and grill function, allowing you to prepare a variety of meals in one device.

Carefree cooking

With its 14 automatic cooking and thawing procedures, Microwave Wall Oven Combination  eliminates the hassle of cooking.

Simply enter the weight of the food or select the type of food you are cooking from a pre-programmed menu. Relax in the microwave while taking care of your hard work.

Consistent result

Microwave Wall Oven Combination uses microwave inverter technology to evenly cook food for you to enjoy delicious food. In order to provide better quality food every time, intelligent frequency conversion technology can adjust the output power and adjust the power to 600 W for long-term operation for gentler cooking. This ensures better results and food that is not dried or overcooked.

Smooth control

Microwave Wall Oven Combination features an innovative ShiftControl panel that makes navigation easy and sets up your device quickly. Clearly and intuitively check settings and information on a high-resolution 2.5-inch TFT display.

The pull-down door provides a soft opening and closing that makes loading and unloading smoother and makes your kitchen more peaceful.

More accessories options

Make your microwave cooking more vivid with our microwave accessories. Whether you need to heat the soup at lunch or steamed rice and vegetables at dinner, you'll find something to help you create exciting food in the microwave.

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