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Tunnel oven introduction

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In fact, you can know that it looks like a tunnel. It has a wide range of baking and can be used to bake different foods such as moon cakes, bread, cakes, burgers, toasts, snacks, biscuits, etc.

A tunnel oven is a mechanical device that completes food baking by heat conduction, convection, and irradiation (radiation). The tunnel furnace body is long and can reach up to several tens of meters. The baking room is a long and narrow tunnel with a continuously operating conveyor system. In the baking of food, the food is transported through the transfer chain plate, the steel belt or the mesh belt and the electric heating element or the direct combustion burning rod to complete the uniform baking and conveying work. The tunnel oven can be continuously produced, and the production efficiency is high, the manpower is saved, and the baking quality is stable. Its tunnel furnace is mainly used in food production enterprises for industrial production, characterized by large-scale continuous or intermittent baking. Normally rated power input > 24KW, requires full-time staff to operate.

Tunnel Oven

And don't worry if you want to open a new store but don't know how to use the oven and baking equipment! With MYSUN, MYSUN will match the corresponding and efficient equipment according to the customer's output, site and customer needs. Generally, the baking equipment required for a small bakery can be basically equipped with a hot air stove and a two-layer oven. Tunnel furnaces are used in some food factories, and their width and length can be customized according to customer requirements.

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