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Unforgettable classical chocolate cake

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The classical chocolate cake, although it does not look as delicate as the mousse and cheesecake, but has its own unique flavor, making person unforgettable!

rotary oven baking cake

Production Method:

1. Put dark chocolate and butter in a container and heat it with water. (Put the chocolate into small pieces and mix well with a small spoon while heating until it is completely melted)

2. Mix the egg yolk with 30 grams of fine sugar into a basin or bowl and mix well. (Stirring until the fine sugar is completely dissolved)

3. Pour the chocolate solution into the egg yolk solution in portions and mix well.

4. Put the protein into the bowl and use the egg beater to send it. Put the remaining 50 grams of fine sugar and continue to send it to a wet foaming shape.

5. After mixing the low-gluten flour and cocoa powder, add half the amount to the chocolate egg yolk paste and mix well. Then add half of the already-suppleed protein and continue to mix well. Then add the remaining powder to the stirring, add the protein and stir evenly until there is no dry powder.

6. Finally, pour the cake paste into the mold that is laid on the oil paper, and gently slam the bottom of the mold to remove the large bubbles.

7. Put in the middle layer of the preheated oven, and adjust the heat to 160 °C for 40-50 minutes. After the natural cooling, a small amount of powdered sugar can be sieved on the surface.


The method of making classical chocolate cake is not as difficult as it is imagined! If you have a soft spot for chocolate, are you still drooling across the screen? let's do it now.

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