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What is cream? Fresh cream and light cream's difference

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What is cream?

Cream is a product of fresh milk that has been separated by centrifugation. The cream we use in baking is generally referred to as “single cream”, also known as “fresh cream”. Its fat content is around 35%. Pay attention to the difference between fresh cream and light cream. The fresh cream can be sugary or sugar-free, but the light cream must be sugar-free. The cream used to decorate the birthday cake we see on a daily basis is made with light cream and sugar and made after being whisking. For the preservation of cream, you must use refrigerated storage, avoid freezing, otherwise there will be oil and water separation after thawing, we must pay attention!

panetary mixer made cream

Fresh cream and light cream

Generally, light cream refers to animal cream, while fresh cream contains two types: animal and vegetable cream. It is recommended that home baking enthusiasts choose animal cream for healthier.

The role of cream

The vitamin A and D content of the cream is very high, but at the same time the fat content is also very high, so people who are afraid of becoming fat must eat less. In baking, we usually use the cream to enhance the taste and aroma. It also makes the cakes made crisper. Of course, the most important use is to make a creamy cake.

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