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What is the cause of the shrink of the bread?

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I believe that many people have encountered the problem of "shrinking" of bread. It is expanding well in the oven, but it shrinks after take it out, it not only wrinkled, not good-looking, but also rough in texture, poor in structure, and not soft.

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Then the reasons for the general collapse are as follows:

First: too much "flexible material" in the formula (sugar, improver, yeast, oil, etc.) will cause the toast to retract.

Second: the bread is not cooked. Will also lead to "shrinking".

Third: The dough was not completely relaxed when it was shaped., excessive fermentation, it will also cause this situation.

What is the temperature of the fermentation?

If the dough temperature is between 24 ° C, start preparing for fermentation. The optimum base fermentation temperature is 27 ° C and the relative humidity is 75%. In most cases, the slower the fermentation, the better, so the fermentation is best at room temperature (25 ° C). Unless it is particularly cold, in order to shorten the fermentation time, we can put it in the warm place. For example, it takes 30 minutes to ferment in a professional fermentation tankproofer room or proofer boxat 25~28 °C.

How to check if the dough is fermented?

When carrying out the basic fermentation, whether it is fermented in a pot or a bread machine, it is necessary to cover the cling film to prevent the epidermis from being too dry. When the temperature is not suitable for fermentation, the fermentation function of the proofing box, the oven and the bread machine can be utilized.

Check whether the dough is finished under the basic fermentation. In addition to visually measuring whether the dough has reached 2-2.5 times before, we can poke some high-gluten flour with a finger and poke a small hole. If the small hole is quickly retracted, the fermentation is insufficient and needs to be extended time fermentation.

If you are a bread shop or a factory , the professional proofer and bread bakery oven machines can give you more help.

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