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Whats important when you make the baguette?

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1.Making dough with mysun dough mixer:

  The temperature of the added water & egg is preferably 11.7 degrees. The optimum temperature of the dough is 28 degrees, at this time the activity of the yeast is highest.SPIRAL DOUGH MIXER


  The optimum temperature is 38-40 degrees. The optimum humidity is 70-80 degrees. If the humidity of the stick is not enough, it is easy to dry. However, the best temperature for the Danish series is 28 degrees, because the temperature is too high, there will be oil leakage.


3. baguette process:

   Sugar-free and oil-free, water absorption rate 70%

When the baguette is knocked, the crack will not be common, indicating that the bakingis good, the middle is soft, and the outer focus is tender.

dough mixer

4. baking baguette with deck oven

  If you mainly make baguette, youd better add stone and steam system in deck oven.The role of stone is dehumidification and residual temperature baking.

Deck Oven

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