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Whats the difference about the convection oven and the rotary oven?

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Convection oven

Convection oven is suitable for Danish bread, and it can be put into about 5 plates at a time. Because the Danish bread needs to be baked at a high temperature to be shaped, it is then roasted until it is cooked to the inside. The bread after baking is uniform in color and tastes good. The temperature of the convection oven is relatively fast, and the bread can be quickly baked . If your bread is over-fermented, you can bake it in convection oven. It is also because of its high temperature and roasting speed, the hot air circulation function causes the upper, lower, left, right and middle of the oven to be baked by hot air, and the baking effect is remarkable.


rotary oven

Rotary oven are more expensive than regular ovens, so smaller bakeries are generally not available. But for some large food factories that produce bread in bulk, it's a good . The product has high efficiency and large output, and the baked product has uniform color and fine structure. Suitable for all types of bread and cakes, to solve a large production and baking needs.


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