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When you received the deck oven, how to test it?

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─ Remove all protective coatings from the oven surface.


─ When oven with the steel hearth is started up for first time, heat the oven to 200.


(Refer to the operation section of this manual for controller operating instructions) During the first few hours, you may notice a small amount of smoke coming off the oven, and a faint odor from the smoke. This is normal for a new oven and will disappear after the first few hours of test.


─ When deck oven with the stone hearth is started up for first time, please burn as follow steps to avoid breakage of stone hearth: start from 50, increase the temperature by 50 per 2 hours, till reach 250.


─ Check the deck oven for leaks, excessive smoke, failure of controller, etc. Report any abnormal condition to after-sale service department and never operate this equipment before receiving instructions.

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