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Why some breads need add low-gluten flour ?

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Everyone knows that in the production of bread, high-gluten flour is generally used. However, it is often encountered that some bread recipes are accompanied by some low-gluten flour. Why is this? Today, MYSUN will tell you about the reasons.

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High-gluten flour has a high protein content inside, so it will form more gluten, and the bread made from it will be very resilient and chewy. Therefore, we will prefer high-gluten flour in the process of making bread to achieve stable and resilient internal tissues.The low-gluten flour has a low protein content, so the gluten is less, so the cakes and biscuits made by it will be very soft and crisp.

[Why some breads need add low-gluten flour ?]

Knowing the difference and effect of high-gluten and low-gluten flour, this problem is easy to explain.

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First, since the yeast generates a large amount of gas in the bread, the bread is inflated.It needs a lot of tough gluten to wrap the gas to form a stable internal tissue of the bread.Therefore, bread production must be based on high-gluten flour. If the low-gluten flour is added too much, it will lead to too little gluten and insufficient toughness, so that the bread can not wrap the gas produced by the yeast, thus unable to support the bread tissue, resulting in internal holes are large and could not form the bread.Of course, the proper addition of some low-gluten flour also has its benefits. Some breads do not need it to have a strong toughness and a large expansion, but more need its soft taste, then we can add some low-gluten powder, in the case that the basic gluten can be formed, Reduce the toughness of the bread and make it softer.

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