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best rational combi oven prices

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Prices of rational combi oven will vary depending on the function and company. Absolutely the most affordable - no need to remodel, so you can be in this holiday season - it is a countertop model. The convection steam oven from Mysun can be purchased online at our website.

More and more chefs are upgrading their kitchens with a professional “combi” oven, steam and convection ovens are combined into one, and I started to think that my home model is as new as the telegraph in the smartphone world.

Unlike standard ovens, the combination oven is capable of adjusting humidity over an impressive wide temperature range (many models can be below 100 degrees and above 500 degrees). This makes the combis an oven tool for the Swiss Army, with an amazing range of capabilities: they can use high-temperature, dry heat to bake barbecue or steam-cooked rice (without the risk of rice burning because it can be topped). When set to very low temperatures and zero moisture, they can dehydrate the fruit or keep the dough completely soft during proofing - the same low temperature, but increase the humidity.

 Combination oven allows chef to cook egg dishes without a standard hot water bath.

Boulud quickly joined us and began to praise the everything the combined oven could do. He told me that it applies not only to proofing bread but also to toast, because this combination provides the initial steam explosion, which is essential for a good crust. "It's very versatile, you can use it to wash the dog," he joked.

But using a combination oven also requires deciding whether to choose humidity. I chose the CSO-300's "bake steam" setting to increase the humidity but not the full steam and set the temperature to 450 degrees.

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