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knowledge about making dough

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The process of dough is to mix all the raw materials into a completely homogeneous mixture, and add water to make the dry raw materials such as flour completely hydrated. First, the raw material and water are added to the mysun's dough mixer. At this time, the water will wet the particles on the surface of the flour, and a gelatinous film will be formed. At this time, the stirring speed must not be too fast (mysun's dough mixer machine have a low speed of 100 rpm). Otherwise, the center part of the flour is hard to be wetted by the water, so that it is not evenly mixed with other ingredients, but the stirring speed must be fast afterwards (the maximum speed of the mysun's dough mixer is 260 rpm), and the rapid stirring can really stir the flour into gluten. Otherwise, the water will not completely enter the flour, the dough will become loose, and only the bread that is insufficient in size and easy to old.

Dough Mixer

At the same time, if you want to make the bread soft, you must add enough water, and the dough must be absorbed enough.Mysun's dough bleder is high in precision and fast in speed. Mysun's mixer water absorption more than 55%.The dough with insufficient moisture has poor stretchability, and it is not easy to bake a large quantity. The best condition for stirring is to make the gluten have good stretchability, so that the dough can withstand the toughness of bread expansion. The dough that has been stirred will become dry and not sticky. When leaving the mixing hook, it will make a "clam" sound. When the mixing is completed, the dough temperature is preferably around 24-30 degrees. In summer, ice water can be added to cool down it.

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