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Rotary Convection Oven price

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I have done so many baked goods before, most of them are cake bread and meat, today I am gonna making a Chinese-style biscuit.At first I was a bit worried that biscuits without butter and no sugar might not taste good, so I didn't dare to do more. I didn't expect that the biscuit have giving me a bi



Practice of Honey sauce grilled chicken wings

Material: 8 chicken wings, a large spoon of barbecue sauce, a spoonful of cooking wine, a large spoonful of soy sauce, a large spoon of oil consumption One spoonful of oil, one teaspoon of salt, the right amount of honey, the amount of lime juice Ginger amount, garlic amount Steps: 1. Making some li



Oil-free healthy fries made by the baking oven

French fries made in the oven(better use a convection oven) can be made very delicious as long as the baking temperature and time are mastered. It's simple, less oil, children's shoes that like to eat French fries must not miss it~ Baked french fries Ingredients: 1 potato (about 300 grams after peel



The difference between Chiffon cake,Sponge Cake and Angel cake(1)-[Appearance and taste comparison]

Sponge cakeThe whole body is golden in color and is the brightest yellow of the three kinds of cakes. The bread fluffy high and the internal organization is moderately tight. The bread is soft and have aroma of eggs . But the proportion of oil and water is low, and the taste is slightly dry and roug



Seeing this color has been tempted----The practice of cheese chicken wings

Chicken is a meat that many people eats and tastes deliciously. We often eat fried chicken legs, fried chicken chops,, we use chicken wings to make a delicious dish which using bakery oven--cheese chicken wings. I've been tempted when see this color!Material:12 chicken wings, moderate bre



The practice of pineapple bacon rolls--- another kind of stimulation of taste buds

We have been talking about some of the tips for bread baking or some popular pastry practices.Today we use the oven to make other delicacies--pineapple bacon rolls.Pineapple is rich in vitamin B1, which can eliminate fatigue and increase appetite. The pineapple enzyme contained in the food helps to



The problems that have bothered you in baking - About biscuits (1)

Some of the problems that are often encountered in baking, some of which we have solved through our own efforts, and some may still be confusing us. Today's problems are some of the basic problems in the production of cookies. After you have seen them, many questions about making cookies can be solv



Do you know Chinese people usually eat what in Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, the August Festival, or the Reunion Festival, is a traditional cultural festival popular in many ethnic groups in China and the Chinese cultural circles. It is on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. The Mid-Autumn Festival have customs of enj



Almighty and convenient Commercial Baking Ovens--Rotary Convection Oven

Almighty and convenient Commercial Baking Ovens--Rotary Convection Oven The hot air Rotary Convection Oven is a very practical baking oven with a wide range of baking. Because it is not need large footprint and the output is considerable, it is very popular among small and medium-sized food factorie



Mysun's Rotary Convection Oven--suitable for producing a very large range of baking products

The Mysun's Rotary Convection Oven are very versatile and suitable for producing a very large range of baking products either for bakery and pastry with the high quality standards.1)Rotary Convection Oven front in stainless steel.2)Electric, gas or diesel oil heating.3)Easy,durable and functional co

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