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1,Our machine made of top grade stainless steel,Using particular Structure,easy to do seal and bearing replace work.2,The process of dough mixing is in the negative vacuum condition, so the protein in the flour can absorb the water most fully in very short time. The best flexible dough net can come



The features of Mysun dough mixer

1. With electronic button panel,low maintenance and replacement.2. Electronic component are using Schneider, Fuji, Omron and other famous brand products.3. Using imported bearings and motors, to ensure that the process remains silent.4. Using MITSUBOSHI and GATES belts ,to ensure long-term use witho



Feature of Mysun planetary mixer

• Can be used for cake, butter and fillings. A little bit of paste is also ok.• Spiral dough hook, flat batter beater and wire whip are all standard.• The lid of mixer is FRP (fiber reinforced plastics), more durable and safe.• The bowl is made of #304 stainless steel,food grade.• The heat treated c



The maintenance of planetary mixer

1. After using, please clean the bowl of planetary mixer and mixing agitators to make sure the sanitary.2. The gearbox has already been added superior lubricating oil when manufacturing which can be used about half a year. If you need to add it again or change new oil, please open the top cover and



Cleaning and maintenance of the dough mixer

1.Check the fasteners of Dough mixer each part during use. If loose and tightened in time,2. The gear meshing area of the dough mixer machine is lubricated with grease. Come on once every half month and have powder metallurgy bearing bushings in the bearing housing. Each shift must be filled with oi



knowledge about making dough

The process of dough is to mix all the raw materials into a completely homogeneous mixture, and add water to make the dry raw materials such as flour completely hydrated. First, the raw material and water are added to the mysun's dough mixer. At this time, the water will wet the particles on the sur



How to use and maintain the planetary mixer?

1. Cakes are not like breads that are swelled by yeast fermentation. The cake is made of egg and oil expansion to make the product soft, so it must be beaten with an planetary mixer.2. Mysun planetary mixer is equipped with ball, fan and stirring hook. It can be used to make cakes, creams, filling



How does the planetary mixer works?

Planetary mixer is used to beat, stir and mix materials such as butter, egg white, cheese or butter (fillings). The mixture of materials is brought into full contact with each other and generates severe friction, thereby achieving the effects of emulsification, mixing, aeration and partial moisture

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